Friday, February 21, 2014

Windows are is gone

We started ripping out the kitchen cabinets.  The plan is to remove cabinets, appliances and whole back wall of kitchen and start over.  These cabinets are so disgusting it is ridiculous.  I have never seen so much mouse poop in my life.  It's like they had a mouse motel underneath them.  The cabinets would have been nice to keep if they had not been so nasty.  There was so much dirt/grime on them I don't think you could have made them right.  They were actually built all together interjoining, so it was impossible to just remove each cabinet.  They came out in chunks and pieces.

 What a mess.  Now we are going to remove all the insulation because it is crunchy????  I don't know what happened to it, but it is not normal.
 This is our new kitchen window.
 And one of our bedroom windows.
 Our other bedroom window.
 My sewing room/spare bedroom window.
 One of the upstairs windows.
Another new window. 
 And the new door.
 Our well is all drilled and hooked up and ready to go.  Now we just need some plumbing......

 Bonus Pic:  Tirzah's 5th Birthday.
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