Friday, January 10, 2014

Let the Demolition Begin

Well after much thought we decided to gut the entire upstairs of the house.  I don't know how we're going to afford to put it all back together, but we'll figure it out somehow.  This will be the easiest way to get it done because once you're all moved in it becomes more of a hassel, furniture moving, the dirtiness of it all......Anyway, the upstairs really was in the worst shape.  Crumbling plaster, old paneling, patched over spots where the roof had leaked bad, old old windows, old wiring.  Plus once we get the ceiling down we will discover what kind of creatures are hiding up there.

Here are the starting pictures where we have just took off the paneling and started busting out plaster.
 The bumped out part of the blue wall here is actually an old chimney that someone has just plastered over the brick.  The chimney actually just starts right on the 2nd floor and was only used for heating the upstairs of the house, way back when.
 The spot up on the sloped part of the ceiling actually had a piece of metal covering it that we removed.  They at one time had a really bad roof.  There are signs of leaking throughout the house.  This must have leaked so badly that it actually destroyed part of the plaster.  The one NEW thing the house does have is a roof.  So they did fix the roof, just not all the water damage.
 This bedroom has an overhead light, but no light switch and so we cannot use the light.  WEIRD.  Also Rob loves it when I get him in the picture! (not really!)  You can also see water damage in the pic on the floor where the broken window pane has leaked.  I guess duct tape doesn't fix everything!  ha

Next time I will post the post demo pics.  I completely forgot to take pics once we finished up.  We managed to get all the plaster and lathe boards off the walls in one bedroom.  Completely forgot to bring something to scoop all the plaster up with though.  So next time we'll clean that up, then drop the ceiling.  Lots of blown in insulation up there and it will be quite the job, but nothing we haven't done before, unless an animal happens to drop on us.

Bonus Picture.  4 new pillows I made.  Gavin just loves them.
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