Friday, January 17, 2014

The demolition continues

Here's a little update.  We got all the walls tore out in the boys room.  We just have to drop the ceiling.  Ceilings are always the worst and this one has a ton of insulation above it in the attic.  We also have to tear out more of the big boards like you see in the picture below.  The boards are pretty thick and all the insulation is behind them.
 We haven't decided what we're going to do with the chimney yet.  Once we get the ceiling down we'll have a better idea of what is there.  It might be better to just leave it there and drywall around it then to tear a million pounds of brick out.
 This is my brother Joe helping out.
 This is Tirzah's bedroom.  We don't have all the walls tore down yet in there.  It takes so long to clean up all the plaster.  We have to scoop it up into a trash can, haul it down the stairs, thru the house and out to the dumpster.  Plaster is HEAVY.  You can only get about 1/4 of the trash can filled and still hope to be able to drag it out.  If you're lucky you can heave it up and dump it in the dumpster without looking like a fool.  Or if you're me, it takes a couple times and you look like a complete weakling and feel like your arms are about to fall off.  When we tore all this plaster off in the picture below, we discovered they had had a fire at one time.

 This is one of the boards we pulled off, all burnt.  I'm not sure how the fire started or how they put it out.  The lath and plaster was all in tact.  But the boards are so burnt, it must have been a pretty good fire.

 This is what the living room currently looks like.  Our pile of lath and paneling that just wasn't going to fit into the dumpster.
 And one dumpster filled.  We'll be getting another in a couple weeks.
 And our carpet pile is gone!  haha

Bonus picture:  Tirzah working on her birthday party invitations.

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